Rome via iMessage: Next best thing to being there

May 1, 2014 | Italy Pilgrimage 2014, Rome, Travel

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of my husband and the wonder of iMessage (free texts between Apple devices), I have been traipsing around Rome for the past few days. The journey has felt so real I’m expecting a blister on my foot at any moment. Throughout Dennis’ weeklong trip to Rome, he has kept me in the Italian loop almost every step of the way. Literally. (And I don’t take that whole “literally” thing lightly, trust me.)

To give you a taste of what I mean, yesterday around dinner time in New York, Ponte Santangelo nightI was taking a late night stroll with Dennis across Ponte Sant’Angelo (my favorite bridge in Rome, maybe the world), through dark and narrow alleyways that had me nervous, through Piazza Navona (my favorite place in Rome), around the Pantheon and back to his hotel.

At 3 a.m. New York time, I was having breakfast with Dennis at his hotel’s rooftop restaurant with a view of St. Ignatius Church on a  gorgeous sunny day in Rome. By the time I was getting the kids ready for school this morning, I was walking with him through Campo di Fiori, checking out all the Italian goodies in the various stalls and sitting down for a delicious lunch of pasta with eggplant and tomatoes and, of course, a glass of red wine.

Every day has been like that. From start to finish I have traveled with him all over Rome, and Dennis has made a point of visiting all the places he knows I love, sometimes more than once. It takes me back to my trip almost five years ago, and makes me long to go back there with Dennis for real so we can finally experience all these wonderful things together. Maybe someday. Rome alleyway

I’m a lucky girl to have a husband who would interrupt his own Roman holiday again and again to make sure he’s including me at every turn. Thank you, Dennis. Ciao, bello.

Here are a few more shots that will make you want to book a flight to Rome today. (All but the top photo can be enlarged by clicking on them.)


Rome breakfast


campo wine

campo lunch

Pantheon night

Spanish steps


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