Rome: Arrivederci, Day 10

September 13, 2010 | Italy, Rome, Travel

After attending 8 a.m. Mass in the side chapel of Chiesa Nuova, in front of the body of St. Philip Neri, I decided to bring this journey to a close by going full circle — back to where I began on my very first day: Campo di’Fiori. Make sure you get to this bustling market if you visit Rome. And bring cash so you can haggle and buy. Here are some scenes from the market this morning…

A little store with dried sausage hanging from the door. This one is especially for Dennis, amore mio, who would love this little market. I’ll bring you here when we visit.

This imposing and mournful statue dominates the square. It’s a monument to the philosopher Giordano Bruno, who was burned alive as a heretic in 1600. Not one of the Church’s shining moments.

Lots of chili peppers:

Preparing the vegetables for market:

Wish I could take that garlic ring home with me:

Another shot for Dennis, meat and cheese right in the piazza. What more could you want?

Roman zucchinis. I did not get my stuffed or fried zucchini blossoms because they were out of season, as were the carciofi (artichokes). So now I have to come back at least two more times in order to hit both of those seasons.

A square within the square, bustling with coffee drinkers this morning.

Arrivederci, Roma. Now I understand the song.



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