Countdown to Rome: The Journey

September 2, 2010 | Italy, Rome, Travel

I leave tomorrow. Tomorrow! Well, that is if Hurricane Earl doesn’t ground every plane at JFK airport, which is where I’m supposed to be at precisely the time Earl makes his big entrance. In fact, I believe our plane may be scheduled to escort Earl right up the coast. Sigh. This is a big deal for this nervous traveler. I was sick with worry to start with, but this hurricane thing has put me right over the edge. I’m trying my best to picture myself strolling through Piazza Navona on Saturday morning, but the glass-half-empty Mary keeps replacing that image with one of me sleeping on the floor of the airport and missing my weekend in Rome. I could use some prayers for safe (and reasonable) travel, folks.

As it stands right now, if Earl does not wreak havoc, I leave NYC at 5 p.m. tomorrow and arrive in Rome at 7:30 a.m. Saturday. I did not get the window seat I requested (I like to get into my seat and stay there for as long as possible), but I did manage to get at least an aisle seat. Better than middle. Of course, by midnight tomorrow night I might be happy with a seat in cargo.

I’ve got the suitcase partially packed and keep going back and taking out things I know I probably won’t need or wear. One of our contingent is already in Rome and reporting it’s hot, hot, hot, so I may need to rethink some outfits. The carry-on? That’s mostly reading material, maps, ear plugs, the lap top, and one outfit and make-up for when they inevitably lose my luggage. Yes, I’m an eternal optimist.

So tomorrow you may not hear from me, depending on how things go with travel. I have to leave Albany at daybreak just to get to JFK, so I put in a day of travel before I even get on the plane. No news is good news, so let’s hope I’m on that plane and unable to blog tomorrow.

See you in Rome. Ciao.



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