Setting life to a sacred rhythm

July 15, 2014 | Everyday Divine

Lessons from the  monastics via Everyday Divine:

Start to look at the “life-rhythm” of your day. Is it totally out of balance, with most of your time spent running from one stressful moment to another? Or do you have a peaceful “refrain” that keeps the melody of your life from turning dissonant? Actively work toward bringing balance into your daily life by making prayer the thing you constantly come back to for refreshment, rest, and renewal. 

Take notice of how life varies from day to day, season to season, year to year. Start to adapt your prayer life and your home life to the seasons, marking time with specific practices that keep your life in tempo with the movement of Mother Earth.

…By taking this monastic approach to everyday life, you can create a sacred rhythm, moving in time with the Spirit, coming back to your own prayer refrain or theme as you care for your family, entertain guests, clean your house, and work in your office. If you begin to recognize that God is in everything and everyone around you, all of life becomes a symphony, with every living thing playing its own melody under the guidance of the master conductor.  — Everyday Divine, pages 116-117



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