The world in silent wonder waits…

December 24, 2012 | Advent, Everyday Divine

How are you waiting today? Are you rushing from store to store trying to finish up your shopping? Are you preparing food for a big family dinner? Are you wrapping gifts, or cleaning house?

Whatever you’re doing today, try to do it with a sense of the sacred. Yes, even if you’re waiting on line at Walmart or knee deep in wrapping paper and ribbons. Turn off the car radio or the Christmas carols and sink into silence for a short time. If silence isn’t possible for you today (and I totally understand since it’s not possible for me today in this house full of people), try to bring the sacred into the insanity:

  • Pray for the person whose gift you’re wrapping.
  • Stir the pot of sauce or whatever you’re making with care and prayer, infusing your food with love.
  • As you walk to your car in the farthest reaches of the mall parking lot, breathe in and take a good look at God’s creation. Try for a Thomas Merton moment — looking at everyone around you with deep love. Even the person following you in their car hoping for your parking spot.

There are so many ways to bring a sense of the sacred into everyday life. (See Everyday Divine for more ideas.) Even when we are in the midst of Christmas craziness — maybe especially when we are in the midst of Christmas craziness — we can discover the divine right where we are.

I hope your Christmas Eve is peaceful and prayerful and everything you want it to be. Take a few minutes to wait in silent wonder…



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