Leadership Retreat: Self-care Isn’t Selfish (Private Event)

Self Care Isn't Selfish

Leadership Retreat: Self-care Isn’t Selfish (Private Event)

So often those of us working in ministry and service positions give and give and give, until we are bone tired and burnt out. We think taking time for ourselves will take time away from others, that we can’t stop to restore our own sense of serenity and sanity because there is too much work to be done, too many people who need us. The truth is that taking time to relax and recharge is a necessity, not a luxury. It’s one of the best things we can do for ourselves and those we serve, because running on empty will not get us very far, and if we do manage to keep chugging on fumes, we’re not likely to be happy about it.

This retreat is designed specifically for the Catholic School Office. Please contact Mary if your organization is interested in bringing me in for a retreat, workshop or talk. I will work within your parameters and tailor everything to your needs.

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