Gentle Hatha Blend

Gentle Hatha Blend

Gentle and mindful movement are combined with an intentional focus on the breath to create meditation in motion in this all-level class suited to beginners and experienced yogis alike. We’ll explore traditional asanas to gently stretch and strengthen the body while simultaneously quieting the mind. This class begins with a poem or inspirational reading and is set to gentle music developed around a central theme that unfolds throughout the practice, which includes some gentle vinyasa (sun salutations) as well as deeply restorative elements to rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit, making this a soothing blending of movement and rest.
– Music is regularly played in this class.
– Beginner-friendly, all levels
– Low to Medium Physical Intensity
– Props are used regularly
– Gentle, Breath-centric, Relaxing, Meditative
– Style/Tradition: Hatha/ Vinyasa

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