Resolve to Evolve: Begin a Journey of True Transformation

Resolve to Evolve: Begin a Journey of True Transformation

Kick off 2023 with a plan for an inner revolution, not an outer resolution! We are not looking to drop pounds or start a new exercise routine. We are looking to go much deeper than that, to a place where we can dig into the fertile soil of our soul, a place where there are ideas and experiences and adventures trying to poke through the surface and blossom into the life we deserve, the life we’ve been dreaming of. Stop counting calories and counting steps and counting sheep, and start breathing deep, sitting still, looking inward, reaching outward, living life with attention and intention. This evening workshop will include a presentation filled with humor, inspiration, and practical exercises both in-session and to take home with you. It will also include a two-week Zoom follow-up program for those who would like some additional accountability and community.  Offering:  $30 includes light refreshments

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