Yoga: Caring for Body, Mind, Soul


Join me for a yoga class

In-studio or online:

Gentle Yoga on Sundays mornings at 11:15 a.m. at Jai Yoga School. In-person instruction as well as a Zoom option. This is an all-level class that will leave you relaxed and refreshed as you enjoy your weekend and prepare for the week ahead. Register HERE.

Slow Flow on Monday nights at 6 p.m. at Jai Yoga School. In-person instruction as well as a Zoom option. This is an all-level class that is just slightly more active than typical gentle. Lots of breathing and stretching to prepare you for a good night’s sleep! Register HERE.

Special events:

Resolve to Evolve — Sundays, Jan. 2, 9, 16, 12:30 p.m.
As we head into another new year, don’t get bogged down in resolutions that don’t work. Commit to a ReVolution instead, one that transforms you from the inside out. In this three-week series, we will cover:

meditation (what, how, why, plus practical experience)
mindfulness (how is it different from meditation, where and how can we practice)
miracle of the mundane (finding joy, gratitude, surrender and acceptance in everyday life, no matter what’s happening around us)

Join me on this journey toward real and lasting change. Resolve to evolve!
Cost: $60 for the three-week series. Registration: HERE.

Restorative Yoga — Friday, Jan. 14, and Friday, Feb. 11, 7:30 p.m.
Join me at Jai Yoga School in Slingerlands for a 90-minute Restorative yoga session that will give you the time and space you need to dive deep into relaxation, rest, and renewal before the frenzy of the holiday season sets in. Following one hour of Restorative practice, I will guide you through a 30-minute Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) meditation to close out this evening of self-care and serenity. Soothing music, essential oils, beautiful location. A perfect way to spend a Friday evening. All levels are welcome. Cost: $20 per session. Registration HERE.

On retreat:

Sept. 9-11, 2022: Stillpoint: Creating Calm amid the Chaos
Pyramid Life Center, Paradox, New York

Join me for the fourth-annual Stillpoint Retreat at Pyramid Life Center. Spend time in silence, build community, eat, laugh, paddle, do yoga, hike, pray in a gorgeous Adirondack setting. This is a weekend to let go of any To Do list and just be.

October 20-22, 2023
Bon Secours Retreat and Conference Center, Marriottsville, Maryland

Watch this page for more details, but please save the date!

On YouTube:

Chair Yoga: Breathe, Stretch, De-Stress. Join me in this 15-minute practice to re-ground yourself and bring some relaxation to your day. Click HERE for video.

Yoga classes to suit your style and spirituality

Book a yoga class, workshop or retreat with Mary DeTurris Poust, a certified and registered yoga teacher. Mary is a graduate of Jai Yoga School’s Terra Firma 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program and a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance, RYT-200. She teaches a variety of yoga styles — gentle, flow, all-level, spiritually-focused and/or alignment-focused, restorative, Nidra, and chair yoga, as well as meditation.

An author and retreat leader who has practiced and studied yoga for 30+ years, Mary honors the holistic approach that is at the heart of this ancient practice, striving to nourish body, mind and spirit through physical practice (asana) as well as breath work (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana). While recognizing and holding space for the roots of yoga, she is willing to work with your group, studio, or retreat center to create a yoga program that fits your audience and overall goals.

Mary can also provide a specialized program that blends yoga with Catholic-Christian spirituality. She leads weekend retreats as well as daylong or half-day workshops that bring together the spirituality of her Catholic heritage with the beautify of yoga, creating an exciting and effective pathway for exploring ideals rooted in the Gospel in new and creative ways.

Yoga is a pathway to so many beautiful things — peace, joy, self-acceptance, kindness, generosity, curiosity, creativity, love. It has shown me again and again that if I am willing to do the practice (both physical and spiritual) I will continue to expand and heal and grow. And that is why I want to share yoga with others, because I know what it does for me and what it can do for you. I’d love to show you what’s possible. Inner peace is within your reach.

My Yoga Story

Back in the late 1980s, I was living in Austin, Texas, when I signed up for my first yoga classes — semi-private, with an amazing modern dancer and yogi. First day on the mat, I was hooked. I continued that practice and briefly served as the part-time manager of the Austin Yoga Center, which was affiliated with the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. I decided to begin teacher training and had completed several rounds of classes when scandal hit the Institute. Swami Rama, the guru who led the community, was accused of sexual abuse. Our yoga community decided it would not break away from Swami Rama and so I decided that, as much as I loved yoga, I could not train in a program that continued to follow the lead of this person. Soon after, I moved back to New York, and my dream of teaching was left in the Texas dust.

I moved back to Austin, Texas, and then back to New York — this time upstate New York — where I continued to seek out yoga every chance I could in between caring for two and then three children. Finally, in 2011, I picked up the dream deferred and began the application process for the teacher training program at Heartspace Yoga in Albany. Alas, that was not to be. A possible hernia derailed that plan. In 2016, I dipped my toe in again but convinced myself I was too old. Then, in June 2019, I walked through the doors of Jai Yoga School in Slingerlands, and that was all she wrote. I felt as though I had arrived home. I didn’t go there intending to sign up for training, but within one month of starting classes to get my yoga mojo back, I knew that was exactly what I was going to do. And I did, despite COVID turning our five-month program into a ten-month program. Through it all, I was reminded day after day how yoga keeps me grounded and centered, how getting on my mat every day (or almost every day) makes me a more patient, compassionate, and peaceful person inside and out.