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Wisdom Wednesday: The ‘mental picture’ of your life

Last week, after our date-night dinner, Dennis and I stood on the Albany side of the Hudson looking out and, as I usually do, I pointed to a beautiful steeple on the Rensselaer side of the river and wondered what church it might be.

On this particular night, Dennis decided to solve the mystery and drove across the bridge to the church you see there on the left, St. John the Evangelist-St. Joseph, just down the street from the train station. We caught a beautiful sunset from that spot and found a lovely little garden dedicated to St. Padre Pio. And so I thought I’d share some Wednesday Wisdom from that beloved Italian saint: 

“Any mental picture of your life that focuses on past sins is a lie and thus comes from the devil. Jesus loves you and has forgiven you your sins, so there is no room for having a downcast spirit. Padre Pio gardenWhatever persuades you otherwise is truly a waste of time. It is also something that offends the heart of your very tender Lover. On the other hand, if the mental picture of your life consists in what you could be, then it comes from God.” ~Padre Pio’s Spiritual Direction For Every Day

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  1. Kate #

    This is a very nice post about trying to let go of the disappointment in oneself as someone looks back on their life,imho.The Padre Pio quote which I have never heard before is comforting.Thank you for sharing.

    June 18, 2014

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