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Know when to fold ’em, at least temporarily

As  I mentioned last week, I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I love, love, love that I get to meet up with friends I don’t get to see in real life, and this week in particular some of those friends have provided incredible support via Facebook private message. A few notes arrived exactly when I needed them most. That’s when I look at Facebook with stars in my eyes. But — and it seems there’s always a “but” with Facebook — it is a constant distraction for me, so much so I felt I needed to take a short break to get through a few tight deadlines. 

So, if we are friends on Facebook and you try to message me, it will say you don’t have permission. Which is stupid because you do have permission, I’m just not there to receive the message. I wish it would say that instead, but it doesn’t. I’ve just taken a brief time out. I’ll be back, sooner rather than later. But for the next few days not having the ability to pop onto Facebook every time I have writer’s block or want to avoid a work project will really help me out. I know myself. If it’s there, I’ll be on it. So I have to shut it down. I’m sure you’ll see me around over the weekend, unless I realize my life is so much more efficient without it that I decide to extend my hiatus. We’ll see.

Ciao, for now. If you do need to reach me for any reason, send a message via email to my gmail account or through the email address on this blog. And thank you to all of you who regularly brighten my day via Facebook. I appreciate it, but I just need to take a step back. Blog posts will still appear on my author page thanks to the stealth work of my co-administrator on that page.

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  1. Irony, I liked this on FB… Do what you need to do, dear Mary!

    January 16, 2014
    • Mary DeTurris Poust #

      After only about 36 hours off Facebook, I can see a difference in the way I work. More like my old ways, very efficient and undistracted. Both mornings without FB, I managed to finish up jobs BEFORE Chiara even got on the bus. So, the question now is how to create a balance in my life. I do miss FB. I miss being connected to you and so many friends, but I clearly have to set some boundaries. Hmmm…This sounds like a blog post. Maybe I’ll switch over to that now. 🙂
      See you soon (on FB),

      January 16, 2014

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